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The Task

In groups of 3 or 4 you will be researching earthquakes and tsunamis and the impacts these natural disasters have on the community. You will need to look at what a natural disaster is, what causes earthquakes and tsunamis, and how they are linked. Individually you will create a blog that you will write in weekly. Your blog will report on what you are learning and what your thoughts/feelings about the project are. At the end of your project your group will present your findings by creating a power point presentation or a short video (or another technology of your choice). Below you will find many resources that will assist you in completing this project. Please look through them as they are a fun way of learning about earthquakes and tsunamis.

Learning about Natural Disasters

What causes tsunamis? This website will explain what causes tsunamis.
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Earthquakes and Tsunami This website looks at what earthquakes and tsunamis are, what cause them and the impact they have on the environment.

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Resources that may help with your task!


I'm sure many of you may be thinking what is a blog? A blog is a website that is used for you to share your thoughts, feelings and ideas on a subject. What you write each week is called a 'post' (not the same as what you receive in the mail!) . Your posts will be displayed in date order and people can go on to you blog to read what you have written each week. You can also include pictures, videos and links to other websites on your blogs, so don't feel restricted to just text, be creative and have fun with your blogs! There are thousands of different blogs out there so feel free to check these out, but just remember you need to discuss what you are learning about (earthquakes and volcanoes) and how your group project is going. Look at the links below for some different resources that may help you with your blogs. Remember these are only suggestions feel free to use any blogging technology you wish, enjoy!

What is Blogging? This video will help you understand what blogging is. If you are still unsure what a blog is try watching the video.

Blogger. Is a free and easy to use site that you could use to set up your blog.

How to create a blog on blogger. There is even a video tutorial to show you how to sign up to blogger and set up your blog.

Edublogs. Another free and easy to use site that can be used to set up a blog.

If your not sure what to put in your blog or what it should look like don't worry. Below are some examples of blogs, feel free to click on the links and check out all the different possibilities when creating your blog. Your blogs don't need to look exactly like this, make them as different and creative as you want. After all its your blog, so design it the way you want it to look.


When presenting your findings to your classmates, think about how you can encourage as much group participation as possible. Think about what you like when watching a presentation, as well as what you don't like. If all the presentations you have heard have been boring think about how you could use images or videos to enhance its appeal.

Here are some sites that offer some great tips when creating your own powerpoint:
http://www.inc.com/ss/5-tips-for-a-great-powerpoint-presentation- 5 tips for a great powerpoint presentation
http://presentationsoft.about.com/od/classrooms/tp/student_tips.htm- Handy tips

When making your video, think about what makes an effective and interesting video. Here are some links that can help you begin your video making task:
https://fuse.education.vic.gov.au/pages/View.aspx?id=5536773e-2554-4a17-8df4-2397551a877a&Source=%252fpages%252fView.aspx%253fid%253dec372ad1-3725-42d0-b411-0ca2f2cdf222- Tips on how to organise your movie/short video

http://www.freetech4teachers.com/2009/11/six-easy-ways-for-students-to-create.html- This website provides a number of different technologies that can be used to create videos online. Definitely worth a read!

Suggestions for better class involvement during and after you have completed your presentation:

  • A short quiz at the end of the presentation (approximately 5-10 questions). This will get your peers involved and see who was paying attention.
  • Create a crossword puzzle using selected crossword technologies on the internet, to test your classmates word knowledge
  • http://www.puzzle-maker.com/CW/- Crossword puzzle creator.

  • http://www.armoredpenguin.com/crossword/- Crossword puzzle maker.