This lesson plan has been designed to guide and help teachers create a project that is achieved succinctly and within a specified period of time. Different goals must be achieved each week for students to complete the project by the specified due date. It must be emphasised that this is only a starting point. The order and time frame is able to be altered to cater for your own class. Have fun and enjoy working through this project!

Australian Curriculum Council Links and Relevance

The Australian Curriculum Council outlines the learning outcomes that each school in Australia should follow during a school year. Each year from the Foundation year to year 12 has been addressed. Learning areas (Science, Math, English and History) are specified in terms of key topics and learning outcomes that should be taught.
This project has been designed for Year 6 students studying Science and in particular, Earth and Space Sciences. The image below shows the main outcomes to be addressed by teachers when teaching Earth and Space Sciences to Year 6 students. This project does investigate major geological events in Australia and across the world, as well as recognising that earthquakes can cause tsunamis. There are aspects that have not been addressed in the project outline that we have provided, but as this is only a guideline, other outcomes stipulated by the Curriculum council can be added to enhance and extend this project (eg. Students could include information about how people measure significant geological events).
aus curic council.PNG

Class Guideline

- Introduce the outline of the project. (Purpose and expectations)
- Introduce Earthquakes- showing videos, interviews and books (Resources found in Student Resources and Teacher Resources)

-Recap the assignment guidelines.
-Introduce Tsunamis- showing videos, interviews and books.

- Detailed description of the task including the allocation of students into groups and specifying which topic they are to research.
- Begin discussing different blogging technologies.

- Allow the students to create their own blog.
- Discuss what information they could include when writing in their blog.

- Students break off into groups and begin researching their topic (earthquakes OR tsunamis). Allocated space in the Library.

- Continue researching topics. Students should start thinking about the technology they would like to use to present the information they have found.
-Students are required to write an entry in their blog (at least one post for the week).

-Students continue to research and gather any necessary information on their chosen topic.
-Students will decide on how the assignment will be presented (powerpoint OR short video).
-Any useful information for the assignment should be gathered in preparation for the following class to begin creating the presentation (a start on the presentation can be made).

-Information collected by group members should now be consolidated and used to create the presentation.Students will work together to decide on the necessary information that need be included.
-Students are required to write an entry in their blog (at least one post for the week).

-Students finalise their presentations and add any finishing touches to their video/powerpoint.
-A decision will be made between group members on who presents each section in the presentation.

-Students present their group assignment in front of the class.
-Peers will provide constructive feedback after each group presentation.
-Students will post a final blog for the task.