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Our wiki is an educational resource for teachers and students. The task is a research project on natural disasters and involves the students using various technologies to complete the task. All the information required to complete this project can be found on the following pages.

Group Presentation

We created a power point presentation to introduce our resource and show how we have worked together to successfully complete this task. Below is the link to our narrated powerpoint presentation using Jing. We have also embedded the video on the page so just click play to watch the presentation.

EDN113 Presentation

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Group Members: Fiona Marsh, Grace Fisher and Lydia Tyler.

All group members are studying EDN113 Living and Learning with Technology at Murdoch University.

Topic - Natural Disasters

Natural disasters are a major event, that can cause serious damage to the environment and surrounding communities. This task will be focusing on just two of the many natural disasters; these being earthquakes and tsunamis.

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Year Level: 6

We have suggested the ideal year level for this task is year 6 as the Australian Curriculum Council has included the studies of different natural disasters as an outcome that students must achieve. This can be seen on the Australian Curriculum website.

Subjects Covered:

  • Geography
  • Social Science
  • Science

The Task

This task is a research project that allows students to use technology to understand and learn more about Natural disasters, in particular looking at earthquakes and tsunamis, and the impacts they have on the community. The students will be put into small groups (3 - 4) and will research natural disasters using a variety of different resources. Throughout the process the students will be blogging about their findings and thoughts about the task. Students will present there findings as a powerpoint presentation or short video. These presentations will be presented to the class at the end of the task. For more details on the task please see our lesson plans page.

Learning Outcomes:

  • At the end of this project students should be able to understand:
  • What a tsunami is.
  • What an earthquake is.
  • What causes earthquakes.
  • What causes tsunamis.
  • How tsunamis and earthquakes are linked.
  • How to write a blog.
  • The effects natural disasters have on the community.
  • How to create a package of necessary items for people affected by these types of natural disaster.